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Cosmoenergetics of Nico Tosark
«International Center of Cosmoenergetics»
Magister of Cosmoenergetics (Progressor)
Nico Tosark 
In our Сenter we realize the initiation, attunement, training in full, as well as treatment
sessions also for English-speaking people from all over the world.
The Center has a professional translator – the Magister of Cosmoenergetics, fluent in English.
All relations between the Master and Trainee are built on trust, transparency and decentralization.
Initiations and attunements in all methodologies and channels (frequencies) are held every day from 11.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m.
All works are carried out online in Skype or in presence.
The effectiveness of both variants is 100 %.
Do not consult with illiterate advisers who have personal interest…
Block Hutta 
Initiation, Attunement, Training.
«International Center of Cosmoenergetics»
There are branches of our Center in the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, China, Israel, Turkey.
Academy of Cosmoenergetics of
Magister (Progressor) Nico Tosark
Initiation and attunement in block HUTTA - (234 energy frequencies)

This initiation is for PEOPLE, who have minimum several channels of Cosmoenergetics.
 (THE TECHNOLOGY – is transferred for the entire life)
For the initiation you need to buy 1-3 QUARTZ crystals and 15 candles such as for the aroma lamp (form - a large tablet).
At the initiation (in distant manner) – you need to have SKYPE.
Training, theory, practice and consultations in our Center is as a gift. 
Block Hutta - 234 frequencies.
Two variants of initiation and attunement in the methodology of “BLOCK HUTTA”:
1 - ...Initiation in block Hutta of 234-frequencies – 2 000 $.
The initiation lasts three days running for 40 minutes each
2 - ...Synthesized initiation 3/1 in one day during 60 minutes.
...Training - theory - practice and consultations (as a gift) – it is for all trainees regardless from which school a person states his or her willingness to study in our Centre.
 --- A diploma and certificateof international standard is awarded (or sent in electronic form and then a person prints and laminates it by himself).
The right to transfer the technology of initiation and attunement other people in Block Hutta – the price is 2 000 $.
Hutta –the main purpose of Hutta is the work with consciousness, correction of unfaithful conscious and subconscious development programs. In such work Hutta is unique. By removing the true cause of ills and failures, this energy is able to heal what is not solved for years and where nothing else is able to help. Block Hutta is know-how. There is nothing like anywhere else and no one else.
Huttais Embodied principle. All is in all. These are daily incomparable and inexpressible sensations from the work of these energies. This is the absence of boundaries and obstacles on your Way. This is a deep level of the unity of everything that exists, of all mankind, of all aspects of knowledge. This is the true path of knowledge, revealing the vision of the deep layers of the Universe. It is the universal Matrix of Integrity.
Let’s study out the concept of what HUTTA is.
HUTTA – is so-calledthe primary energy, which comes mainly from the fourth dimension, as well as from other dimensions.
HUTTA causes a continuous process, which, in fact, creates the reality.
HUTTA passes through various layers of energy and results in a process, that is called “materialization”.
HUTTA is considered as the true path of knowledge, which reveals the vision of the deepest layers of the Universe. This is the so-called matrix of Unity and Love.

The operating principle
The main law says - "All is in All".
Huttahas the ability to pervade everything around and also creates the reality in the first approximation.
These are the energies that were manifested by the Creator, a space that does not touch the time and boundaries of the reality.
HUTTA is a new world of the fourth dimension.
Our world is just a picture on a big screen, the various facets of reality can be connected by the energies of Hutta, which pervade everything. More than two hundred energies of Hutta have been deciphered and it is worth noting that the functional area for each of them is very diverse. Nothing is more effective in healing and protecting, activating internal energy, working with tumors and excess organic.
Hutta’s main purpose – is to work with the mind, to correct the wrong conscious and subconscious programs of development. In any sphere Hutta has no peers – Hutta is the etalon. Removing to the background the real cause of all failures and ailments, this energy can heal what could not be solved for years. When the person is deprived of hope and already nothing can help him, Hutta opens a second breath.
HUTTA is the energy of the Passage.
The seeds of the future - Love, Joy, Peace have come to our world with this energy. The time will come and the flywheels of the causes and the effects will be manifested in the life of absolutely everyone who accepted the new light with the help of the power of materialization of the subtlest world.
Hutta is so-called a block, which for a long time tried to be deciphered and studied by many civilizations.
The global meaning of HUTTA.
Hutta – is the frequency of the periods of disasters.
It can be applied for absolutely everything, including healing and a variety of effects. But the most important principle of it’s work is the cause-effect relationships. There is a part of energy frequencies that is fixed. But the possibilities of Hutta’s frequencies are considered inexhaustible, at least for the stage of development of our consciousness. Hutta allows you to change the spatial structure globally. This block is slightly different than just a block, as it is used to understand by Magister’s of Cosmoenergetics. It is a tool to conduct direct work with an external energy field. The password-protected frequencies, which can give an effect, are absent in it. There is a unique opportunity to change the structure of absolutely everything.
Request, do not confuse original Cosmoenergetics of            V. Petrov - 68 frequencies and Petrov’s Block Hutta - 234 frequencies, as well as Matrix of Magician (Master)
with runic hutta, striking block of hutta, 4th block “synthesis”, block “cedar”, cosmoenergetics of 4-th block, cosmoenergetics with blocking frequencies, cosmoenergetics of second generation, cosmoenergetics of the third millennium, cosmoenergetics with elements of Christianity, cosmoenergetics with elements of Buddhism, slavonic cosmoenergetics, modern cosmoenergetics, etc. -
this is a complete and major amateur activity, that has no any scientific ground - all these huts, blocks and methodologies is out of all relations to Academician V. Petrov and to his original Cosmoenergetics. 
One session is 50$ 
Period of treatment includes 10-15 cleaning sessions. It depends on degree and desolateness of your problem.
The session includes consultation and treatment. During Hutta sessions the energies are working with consciousness, correct the unfaithful conscious and subconscious development programs. In such work Hutta is unique. By removing the true cause of ills and failures, this energy is able to heal what is not solved for years and where nothing is already able to help. This energy gives the person one more chance. During the session, a person can take any position of his body: vertical, horizontal, sitting position, etc.
This session can be done in Skype (please send me your Skype name).
Duration: 2 hours. 
Without Initiation (attunement) to use frequencies is STRICTLY prohibited. Otherwise, you take full responsibility for your own fate, risking your mental and physical health.  
The author does not bear responsibility in case of self-willed use of information published on this site without attunement and training.


«Transnational Center of Cosmoenergetics»
There are branches of our Center in the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, China, Israel.
Academy of Cosmoenergetics of
Magister (Progressor) Nico Tosark
 Berlin, Moscow, Odessa.
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